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Summary Sheet for Anchorage

There is a profit in saving people time and money.
Initial System Cost with Placement Fees $9,421,695
Number of Stations9
Rail Path Length (mi)1
Number of Vehicles Required61
Maximum Capacity per Hour (seats)9,600
Fare paying Vehicle Trips/day4,000
Operating Cost per Paying Mile (not including initial system cost) $0.27
Average Fare $2.50
Pre-Tax Profit $3,284,911
Pre-Tax Profit as % of Initial Cost with Loading Station Placement Fees34.9%
Annual License, maintenance and support costs1,014,644
System Basics
Rail Path Length (mi)1
Average trip length (mi.)1
Fare paying Vehicle Trips/day4,000
Deadhead Factor, Non-paying / Paying33%
Vehicle Trips per day, paying + non-paying5,333
Peak Hour Percentage15%
Max trips per hour800
Number of Stations9
Number of Vehicles Required61
Vehicles out for Maintenance, %6%
Vehicles out for Maintenance4
Average Speed, mph30
Average Travel Time, minutes2.00
Average Unloading + Loading Time, minutes0.75
Average JPod Trip Cycle Time, minutes2.75
Max trips per JPod per hour21.8
Average Passenger Load1.3
Fare Vehicle Miles traveled/day4,000
Carbon Incentives, per day $10.59
Advertising Revenues per day $80.00
Capital Costs
Initial System Cost $14,494,916
Investment by Others (Placement fees) $5,073,220
Initial System Cost less Placement Fees $9,421,695
Revenue Calculations
Fare per Vehicle Mile $2.50
Average Fare $2.50
Average daily fare receipts ($) $10,000
Fare days per year365
Annual Operation & Maintenance Rate @ % capital2%
Annual Operation & Maintenance $289,898
JPod motor Power duty (fraction time on)25%
Average power use, each vehicle, kW0.55
Average power use, all vehicles, kW33
Annual power use, all vehicles, kW-hr292,171
Annual Power Use of Stations, kW-hr157,788
Annual Power Use of Switches, kW-hr271,746
Annual Power Cost @ $.15/kW-hr $108,256
Fare Receipts/year $3,650,000
Power and Operating Costs $398,154
Pre-Tax Profit $3,284,911
Pre-Tax Profit as % of Initial Cost with Loading Station Placement Fees34.9%


  • Affordable Access
    • Not dependent on gas or gas prices
    • Kids and elderly not restricted by driving competence
    • No waiting, available 24 x 7
    • Focused on quality of the trip
  • Automating Repetitive Travel
    • Kids to school, sports, friends
    • Shoppers to retail centers
    • Commuters to work
    • Reduces highway congestion
  • Morgantown
  • Cabinetaxi
  • JPods
  • ULRtra
  • Vectus
  • Skyweb
  • PodCars
  • Masdar