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  • Affordable Access
    • Not dependent on gas or gas prices
    • Kids and elderly not restricted by driving competence
    • No waiting, available 24 x 7
    • Focused on quality of the trip

    Automating Repetitive Travel
    • Kids to school, sports, friends
    • Shoppers to retail centers
    • Commuters to work
    • Reduces highway congestion
    • Cargo and Trash
    • ... a circulatory system for an economic community.
From the blue cross-hair:
  • Green is 10 minutes
  • Yellow is 20 minutes
  • Red is 30 minutes

Start with a very small network and iterate often. Expanding as fast as the state of the art allows.

Insert spot networks where paybacks are less than 3 years; example O'Hare Airport.

Midway Airport

This network would
  • Employ about 10,000-20,000 people to build and operate.
  • Cut the typical working family's transportation costs from $10,300 per year to $5,000.
  • Increasing jobs and disposable income is critical to work out of the recession/depression.
  • displace 70% of oil-based transportation of people and cargo.
  • pay for themselves every 4-12 years in oil savings.
  • Cost for this network and all vehicles and stations is approximately $3 billion; much less than the cost of roads and cars that operate on them.