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JPods Demo in front of Oakland City Hall in support of Earth Day.

Start small, iterate often.

Building feeder networks out from every BART station radically expands access to BAFR and cuts the need for two car payments per family. The objective is to cut transportation expenses by a car payment per month.

How much would your family benefit by having an extra $200 to $500 a month in disposable income? Help us change the lifeblood of our economy from oil to ingenuity. Help create the jobs building solar-powered transport networks. Send me an email, Bill James

There is a profit in saving people time and money.
Initial System Cost with Placement Fees $9,421,695
Number of Stations9
Rail Path Length (mi)1
Number of Vehicles Required61
Maximum Capacity per Hour (seats)9,600
Fare paying Vehicle Trips/day4,000
Operating Cost per Paying Mile (not including initial system cost) $0.27
Average Fare $2.50
Pre-Tax Profit $3,284,911
Pre-Tax Profit as % of Initial Cost with Loading Station Placement Fees34.9%
Annual License, maintenance and support costs1,014,644
System Basics
Rail Path Length (mi)1
Average trip length (mi.)1
Fare paying Vehicle Trips/day4,000
Deadhead Factor, Non-paying / Paying33%
Vehicle Trips per day, paying + non-paying5,333
Peak Hour Percentage15%
Max trips per hour800
Number of Stations9
Number of Vehicles Required61
Vehicles out for Maintenance, %6%
Vehicles out for Maintenance4
Average Speed, mph30
Average Travel Time, minutes2.00
Average Unloading + Loading Time, minutes0.75
Average JPod Trip Cycle Time, minutes2.75
Max trips per JPod per hour21.8
Average Passenger Load1.3
Fare Vehicle Miles traveled/day4,000
Carbon Incentives, per day $10.59
Advertising Revenues per day $80.00
Capital Costs
Initial System Cost $14,494,916
Investment by Others (Placement fees) $5,073,220
Initial System Cost less Placement Fees $9,421,695
Revenue Calculations
Fare per Vehicle Mile $2.50
Average Fare $2.50
Average daily fare receipts ($) $10,000
Fare days per year365
Annual Operation & Maintenance Rate @ % capital2%
Annual Operation & Maintenance $289,898
JPod motor Power duty (fraction time on)25%
Average power use, each vehicle, kW0.55
Average power use, all vehicles, kW33
Annual power use, all vehicles, kW-hr292,171
Annual Power Use of Stations, kW-hr157,788
Annual Power Use of Switches, kW-hr271,746
Annual Power Cost @ $.15/kW-hr $108,256
Fare Receipts/year $3,650,000
Power and Operating Costs $398,154
Pre-Tax Profit $3,284,911
Pre-Tax Profit as % of Initial Cost with Loading Station Placement Fees34.9%


  • Affordable Access
    • Not dependent on gas or gas prices
    • Kids and elderly not restricted by driving competence
    • No waiting, available 24 x 7
    • Focused on quality of the trip
  • Automating Repetitive Travel
    • Kids to school, sports, friends
    • Shoppers to retail centers
    • Commuters to work
    • Reduces highway congestion
  • Morgantown
  • Cabinetaxi
  • JPods
  • ULRtra
  • Vectus
  • Skyweb
  • PodCars
  • Masdar