JPods Logo
  • Affordable Access
    • Not dependent on gas or gas prices
    • Kids and elderly not restricted by driving competence
    • No waiting, available 24 x 7
    • Focused on quality of the trip
  • Automating Repetitive Travel
    • Kids to school, sports, friends
    • Shoppers to retail centers
    • Commuters to work
    • Reduces highway congestion
  • JPods Plan for Kitty Hawk Networks

Thunderbay family with first JPods demo in front of Parliment in Ottawa Canada, 2006.

Examples of solar collector systems designed for deployment over JPods rails applied to the parking lot at Plantronic's Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA
Over the JPods rails, collectors will typically be 4 meters wide, this unit is 6.7 meters.

Over the JPods stations, collectors will typically be 6 to 10 meters wide, this unit is 10 meters.