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Excellence is the process of relentlessly improving. Getting started is a most critical step.

On the right is a picture of the first portable pacemaker made by Earl Bakken. It illustrates the process of relentlessly improving. Todays implantable pacemakers resulted not from stylish beginnings but from by getting started with what was available.

The following pictures illustrate JPods progression of moving from idea to reality. If you would like to participate in this JPods development please let me know:

Windy day but a short clip of the JPod being driven between "Home", "Mall", "School" and "Work".

Computer is being held outside the JPod. It is touchscreen laptop.

Here is a picture of the JPod in front of Parliament (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) with the first i-beam supported rail we could find. Below that are pictures with more commercially and engineering viable truss, box beam and in-rail motor gear box drive.
Truss is supplied by our Mobility Alliance Partner (MAP's) Milos America, Inc., 10409 Dow-Gil Road, Ashland, VA 23005-7639, Tel: 800-411-0065 or 804-752-3190
Example, a SnowCoach can be adapted to provide a JPod shell.
Example, a SnowCoach MPV can be adapted to provide a JPod shell.

Example of brush power pickups. Commercial grade systems are available.

Yamiley Explaining Line Sensors

Line following and full sized wheel set.

JPods robot parking

Setting up a network anywhere

How JPods will look in San Carlos

Garden Girls at Fremont City Council, May 15, 2012

Solar collectors over the JPods rails gather the power to drive the networks.

Installing solar collectors by Swenson Solar designed to deploy over JPods and other PRT networks.