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Vehicle Options

There will be a vast number of vehicle options. The images at the website are kept to a small number. If you are interested in designing JPods please contact me:

There will be controlling specs but nearly anything will be possible within that envelop.

The first links are for the baseline Bryce files. Please build them as you like.

Down load the four place baseline Bryce file. Down load the Single-Seat Commuter baseline Bryce file.
Down load the stripped rail structure and commuter vehicles baseline Bryce file. Down load the solar rail baseline Bryce file.
Down load Google SketchUp for 3D design and integration with Google Earth.
Down load Network planning and flow application.

Movie illustrating network planning and flow application.

0001A0005-R03 Aluminum Rail 0.25 Thick.pdf
0001A0010-R03 Rail Chevron Transitions.pdf
0001A011-R02 Rail Curve Sections.pdf
0001A0026-R02 Rail Alignment Plate.pdf
0001A0029-R01 Bogie Load Plate.pdf
0001A0032-R01 Motor Support Plates.pdf
0001A0034-R01 Bogie Spacer Plates.pdf
0001A0035-R01 Bogie Guide Wheel Plates.pdf
0001A0039-R02 JPod Cable Guide Fairlead.pdf
0001B0021-R01 Joyce Dayton 8 Inch Actuator for Switch.pdf
0001B0024-R01 Bishop Wisecarver Carriage and Track.pdf
0001B0028-R02 Joyce Dayton RC-15 Miter Gear Box.pdf
0001B0030-R01 4 Inch Diameter Guide Wheel.pdf
0001C0019-R02 Switch Guide Track.pdf
0001C0020-R02 Switch Rail.pdf
0001C0022-R02 Switch Assembly Lid.pdf
0001C0025-R02 Rail Alignment Plate Installation.pdf
0001C0033-R01 Gear Box Support Plates.pdf
0001D0008-R02 JPod Rail Suspension Concept.pdf
0001D0008-R03 JPod Rail Suspension Concept.pdf
0001D0023-R02 Switch Assembly.pdf
0001D0036-R01 JPod Drive Bogie.pdf
0001D0042-R00 JPod Chassis Concept 2.pdf
0001D0043-R00 Cargo JPod Concept.pdf