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Commerce and community are pedestrian activities. Top-down building of highway harms both commerce and community.

Each car costs a family about $9,282, is parked 95% of the time with ~85% of car costs leave the local economy. 2.24 cars per household (278.06 million cars,   124.01 million households)

Only 1.2% of land area in the 35 largest US cities are walkable land and generate 20% of GDP.

North Dakota Governor on Strong Towns

Key videos:

Forgiving designs and kill pedestrians

Why designing to make walking safe makes driving better

Transit, needs people to ride and walkable destinations, walk shed

Not Just Bikes:

Strong Towns

Jeff Speck and Chuck Marohn talk about the legal defects and remidies.


Value per acre

In 1974, nearly a third of Americans reported spending time with their neighbors at least twice a week. Forty years later, that number had been cut in half. Over the same period of time, the number of Americans reporting zero interactions with their neighbors has grown from 20% to almost 35%

Old man crossing stroad

Unconstitutional Federal highways making unwalkable cities.

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