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Let’s Fix Traffic

Join the effort to build sustainable cities:

Cleaner, Faster, Safer, Affordable™

On-demand mobility regardless of age, ability, or wealth:

  • No riding with strangers preempt security costs.
  • Non-stop from origin to destination cuts energy costs 95%.
  • No waiting saves time wasted waiting to be picked up.
  • Grade-separation (freeway) preempts accidents, congestion, repetitive start-stops.
  • Self-driving pods removes driver errors.
  • Solar collectors over the guideway assure energy self-reliance.

Station Behaviors

Have you ever wasted time waiting for a bus, train, or taxi? In JPOds networks vehicles wait for you. As you approach the station your phone app talks with the network to assure a vehicle is waiting for you.

You do not need to know which color/number of train or bus. You do not need to worry about which side of the platform to get on. You simply get into the vehicle, and the pod knows how to navigate to your destination.

JPods Solar-powered Mobility Networks

In 1910 Thomas Edison noted that “Sunshine is spread out thin and so is electricity. Perhaps they are the same, Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy… Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property…. There must surely come a time when heat and power will be stored in unlimited quantities in every community, all gathered by natural forces. Electricity ought to be as cheap as oxygen….”

JPods solar-powered mobility networks will change economic lifeblood from oil to ingenuity by solar-powering urban mobility within a solar budget.

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