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JPods signed a contract for a funded network in Baghdad. Truss manufacturer’s quality of work.

The Maintenance Facility will be built first. It is 170 meters in length. The primary solar array is approximately 126 meters in length and about 4 to 6 meters wide.

His Excellency the Honorable Prime Minister

The investment project is the suspended transportation network.

Greetings, Our Company Extends Our Best Wishes to You

In order the solve the crisis of traffic differences and save time for transporting citizens, and without taking up a significant amount of land in the crowded areas of the main streets in a record economical time, and in a sophisticated and modern manner that adds aesthetics and sophistication to our dear city of Baghdad and the rest of the cities of beloved Iraq, it is a source of joy and pride for its company to present the latest modern and scientific technologies.

It is safe and one of the finest international companies (the American company JPods) transports citizens through he suspended transportation network, which is made up of modern and beautiful transportation cabins running in networks suspended above the streets and main sites and with beautiful and advanced plans that operate on solar energy and provide a clean environment away from pollution, as shown in the details, diagrams, and explanatory videos.

Attached shows the proposal to implement the first experience of this work Al-Kabir from Bab Al-Sharqi to Bab Al-Muadham in an obligatory way back and forth through multiple stations along the line, the proposal.

We kindly ask that your country agree to grant our company the implementation of this investment project, which will represent a great and distinct civilization phenomenon for the beloved city of Baghdad.

Yours sincerely,

Chairman of Board of Al Karia

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