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Free Market Efficiency

Oil supply stopped growing at 74 mbd and net energy is falling below 10:1, people cannot affort to pay for both their commute to work and their mortgage, debt threatens governments as strong as the European Union. Less energy mandates a contracting economy unless we radically improve efficiency. We can increase efficiency 10 to 100 times but not with centrally planned government monopolies of highways and centralized power grid.


Disposable Energy is crashing. US poverty levels are climbing.

World Crude Oil production is scaled to the timeline in the above graph and since 2002 in the graph below. Between 2005 and 2008 oil prices climbed from $45 to $140 yet production could not increase to exploit the higher prices. New capacity only compensated for depletions.

To improve efficiency in the economy, the success of the communication infrastructure needs to be repeated. Transporation and power infrastructures need to be shifted into a free market framework, which would then give rise to technologies such as JPODS and evade the downward spiral the economy is headed towards.





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