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News 2024

Economy Newsweek: Jan 15, 2024: Americans Can No Longer Afford Their Cars Cites: Bloomberg: 2024-01-24: New York City Set to Launch ‘Department of Sustainable Delivery’


Various bogies built. The units on the left were used most. There is a trust bearing in the center from which the vehicle was suspended. SkyRide Bogies


Link to Route Time™ and JPods3D™ software to design networks. Garden Girls presentation to Fremont City Council, 6th Graders STEAM Program 202-01-15 Scale models which can be made Scale model and network...

Bogie – Guideway Interface

Bogie design criteria Bogie concept with 200 mm wheels Bogie concept with 254 mm wheels Video of switch behaviors Definitions: Bogie is the drive system, link to CAD drawings of bogies: Narrow, wide with 254 mm wheels Boss is the structure on top of the bogie that...


Truss structures are being manufactured in Jordan by the company that build the structure that supports this mall.


Kurt Cobb: 2023-12-24: China grinch stops rare earth tech transfer in time for Christmas

Strong Towns

Why Private Wealth Should Lead Public Investment Life requires energy. Mobility is physical liberty. Providing energy and liberty, JPods invented and patented solar-powered transport networks. JPods have grade-separated (think freeway) guideways from which...

Need for free markets

Brilliant ideas are a dime a dozen. Commercially viable ideas are rare. Sorting them requires the Wisdom of the Many.  The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki, explains why free markets and democracies work (video summary).Here are examples of...
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