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‘Titanic’ Oil Economy

Comparing the Economy to the Titanic:


  Economy Titanic
  1956 Hubbert warned of Peak Oil. Iceberg warning
  1970 US domestic Peak Oil Iceberg sighted
  1973 Oil Embargo, fragile infrastructure Impact and Hull breach
  2002-2007, 5-fold increase in the price of oil. Deck Tilt
  May 2005 Peak C&C’s followed by 30 months of declining plateau. Breach of water-tight inner compartments
  Oil hits $220 a barrel (guess) Sink, lifeboat or swim








Unfortunately, the titanic wasn’t aware of the threat that lay ahead to prepare its lifeboats ahead. However, we are.

Policies of self-reliance and community economic lifeboats:

  • Grow 1/3rd of your own food. It will take three to five years to get 50% of people to be competent gardeners to reach that level. This will not save the world but it will
    • lighten the logistical load
    • provide a sense that we can save ourselves
    • provide a sense of community and mutual protection of gardens
    • provide starvation rations
  • Feed-in Tariffs. Reliable electricity five hours a day provides hope.
  • Personal Rapid Transit, PRT. Allow the success of Morgantown to propagate.
  • Universal state militia service. Secure your community, individuals cannot survive by themselves. Peak Oil is going to be great for world peace and hell on local peace. Competition is the natural state; peace is the enforced absence of war.
  • Government charge for non-commercial costs of carbon, other emissions, unclean water, etc….
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