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5X5 Standard with Franchise Agreement

5X5 Standard Agreement restore liberty to innovate transportation networks in free markets:

  1. Network construction must be privately funded.
  2. Networks operate without government subsidies.
  3. Networks must exceed 5 times the efficiency on existing roads (125 mpg or equivalent energy efficiency).
  4. Networks pay 5 percent of the gross transportation revenues to the aggregate rights-of-way holders.
  5. Networks exceed safety performance of transportation modes already approved for use in the Rights of Way.
  6. Networks (optional) gather more than 2 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per network mile per typical day.
  7. Governments will grant Rights of Way access using the existing Rights of Way policies for communications and energy networks.
  8. Governments will use existing state laws to regulate safety of grade-separated guideways. Networks must be designed, fabricated, installed, insured, and inspected in compliance with existing  ___State regulations for grade-separated theme park rides____ (generally ASTM International F24). This provides a 3,000X better safety record than roads.

Having a known cost of regulation and regulatory delays restores liberty to innovate. Two aspects of Liberty intertwine in a Darwinian crucible of creative destruction to create the “general welfare”:

  • Tolerance of Disruptive Minorities offering choices.
    • There are few Disruptive Minorities as tiny and disruptive as inventors or those correcting long-standing injustices. Poking fun at himself for inventing a compound republic, Madison refers to these people as the “obnoxious individual” in Federalist #10.
  • Tolerance of people sorting choices via free markets and free speech, the Wisdom of the Many.
    • Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” is not invisible, just tiny. It is the vast accumulation of tiny acts of liberty by each of us as we choose between choices.
    • The aggregated wisdom of all of us, with each of us acting in our own self-interest, is wiser than the wisest of us at choosing between choices.

Explanation of 5X5 Standard Agreement:

Funding in available if cities adopt the known cost of regulations above. Goldman has since published an intent to invest $750 billion in the sustainability by 2030.

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