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Korea_Changwon from Bill James on Vimeo.

Contact:  Charlie Kim, 


Steven Day
Asian Pacific Chief Director
Kim, Cheung Woong
Chief Marketing Director
Kang, Shi Nil
Director of Technology
Do, Eui Hwan
Director of Government Relation
Kim, Dong Woong
Project Management
Lee, Sang Hee
Public Relation

Authority Letter:  Small version, 700kLarger version, 1.9 m. Link to the team folder.

Problem: Traffic congestion, pollution, and travel costs are major problems in every city. More of what is failing will likely fail.

Rules for Innovation:

  • Recognize, more of what is failing will fail.
    • Stop repeating failure.
    • If you are to fail, at least fail in a new way.
  • Recognize that innovation is by definition untested.
    • Find new solutions in a process of start small and iterate relentlessly.
    • Homing in on solutions while limiting resources expended.
  • JPods development direction:
    • Remove the parasitic mass of the vehicle. Stop moving 2 tons to move a person.
    • Remove the repetitive applications of power. Move non-stop from origin to destination.
    • Please the customer. Respond to what pleases and displeases customers.
    • Create tools for people to design networks to meet the needs of their community.
    • Overwhelm large and complex with small and many.
    • There is no technical barrier to innovation. The barrier is government transport monopolies.
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