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State versus Federal Regulation

Liberty creates the general welfare as two aspects intertwine in a Darwinian crucible of creative destruction:


$4 Gasoline by May 2016

$4 Gasoline by May 2016.

Excess inventories are keeping gas prices low but Peak Fracking Oil in July 2016 will deplete that inventory within 200 days. Gasoline prices will rise sharply.


City Designed for 8-year-olds and 80-year-olds

Building JPods networks over city streets can deploy protected bike paths, helping make cities safe for 8-yearolds and 80-yearolds.


Ron Swenson Facts and Links

Here are some facts from Ron Swenson.

Will “Little Nudges” Slow Drivers Down to New NYC Speed Limit?

Federal Support for Slavery and Foreign Oil

Federal Support for Slavery and Foreign Oil

Capacity – Smaller Containers Move More

In this illustration a train empties a couple hundred people onto a platform. Before the train has left the station, about 1/3rd of the people have already left. Within 2.25 minutes, everyone has left.


The Lifeboat Paradox

Lifeboat Paradox: The self-discipline to have and be skilled in the use of a lifeboat prevents needing one.

Some Lessons from the History of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)

Some Lessons from the History of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) – J. Edward Anderson, Ph.D., P. E.

A comprehensive history of PRT by J. Edward Anderson, the father of PRT.


Regulatory Environment That Supports Energy Self-Reliance

Key documents in retooling transportation:


Politics: the Hard Part

Action: Restore transport and power to free markets via Performance Standards.


The Social Cost of PRT Malfunction

Since JPods are suspended from the guideway, a question that often comes up is, what happens if the JPod breaks down. The first thing you might imagine, is climbing down the ladder on a fire truck while onlookers watch.


Drive Parasitic Mass towards Zero

Parasitic Mass is the mass we pay to move that is not cargo or passengers. Currently we are creating congestion and consuming energy moving a ton to move a person. We need to strive towards moving only the person.


Bigger Stick: Global Warming

If driving a barge with a 200 year turning radius. It might be good to error on the side of caution, study all aspects of the barge and water, and act ahead of events.

The British Treasury has identified the cost and need to act immediately.


Morgantown’s PRT: Solution to Peak Oil, Climate Change, Debt

We have known the solution known the solution to urban traffic problems, rising oil prices, and Climate Change for half a century. Yet Federal regulations block such innovations.

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