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TEDx Atlanta

Red Bull TV, JPods starts at 9:30 (2015). This covers three major areas of change (tinyURL)

  1. Self-driving cars for last mile.
  2. JPods for urban networks. US Patent, 6,810,817:
    • Grade-separated networks of self-driving cars: “A method of controlling a transportation System for moving people, freight, and any combination whereof using a distributed network of intelligent devices without requiring the aid of a human driver”
    • Solar-powered mobility networks: “The method… providing… Solar and wind power generators integrated into the physical Structure of Said transportation System….”
  3. Hyperloops for connecting urban networks.

TEDx Atlanta: Link

TEDx Mid-Atlantic

GZA: “Transportation, it is more than how we get around. It is about freedom. It’s about being connected. It’s about our livelihoods.”

10X Benefits of turning traffic costs into sustainable mobility networks

Speed of the change that is coming to digitize mobility:



Source: Congressional Study PB-244854, “Automated Guideway Transit”, 1975.

Finding: “institutional failures” within US DOT resuted in urgban transportation innovation being blocked for “four to six decades” in urban mobility except for “relatively minor cosmetic changes“. See page 41.

Recommendation: Allow Rights of Way access so networks such as Morgantown’s PRT can be built in US cities to solve traffic problems and the hardships of the 1973 Oil Embargo.

Tricia Nixon opened the first self-driving car network on Oct 24, 1972. She said it was “more fun than Disneyland.” The Federal highway monopoly has blocked further deployments of PRT in America since. That same highway policy caused the bankruptcy/abandonment of nearly half the freight railroads despite 400+ ton-miles per gallon efficiencies.


Summary of the Speed and Scale of the changes coming by digitizing mobility:

Capital Investments:

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