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What causes traffic congestion and costs is we are moving two tons to move a person. Link to a clever Uber YouTube with people walking around in boxes. Remove the two tons, remove the repetitive start-stops, and it is possible to solar-power the networks and cut costs 95%.  

Please consider doing a story of how digitizing mobility networks in cities will convert traffic costs into jobs, customer savings, and profits (link to the 10X paybacks of the Physical Internet®).

Transportation will digitize as did communications into a physical version of the Internet, likely with three similar layers:
  • High-speed: Hyperloops are the fiberoptics of the Physical Internet®. They go fast but cannot turn corners.
  • Local Area Networks: JPods are the WiFi of the Physical Internet solving urban traffic problems.
  • Last-Device: Self-driving cars, Uber, scooters, electric bikes will the BlueTooth, the last-mile devices.

JPods would like to fund building a $3 billion solar-powered urban network in LA in the next 3 years. Attached is a Letter of Interest from Goldman Sachs for your reference. It is relative to our efforts to build a similar network in Atlanta (link). 


The only thing the city must do is restore free markets by passing the Solar Mobility Act (attached, and link to S.1993 pending in the Massachusetts Legislature). This is a simple one-page law that allows privately funded networks to use public rights of way if they are 5 times more efficient than current modes of transportation using the Rights of Way for 5% of the network’s gross revenues. These networks will convert traffic costs into jobs and pay taxes to do so.

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