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Become a JPods Supplier

As JPods are build, a Kitty Hawk Network will be provided to each Master Mobility Company (MMCs) and regional Local Mobility Company (LMCs). Kitty Hawk Networks (KHN) establish “cookie cutter” standard for localization of manufacturing. 

From the KHW standard, drawings and support will be provided for localization. Rigorous standards will be enforced and we will develop as much local content and jobs as is practical. JPods, MMCs, and LMCs will collaborate with local manufacturers and educational institutions.


Civil Engineering and Manufacturing:

  • trusses & rail
  • footings
  • survey
  • interface to existing civil structures

Vehicle/Pod Engineering and Manufacturing:

  • frame
  • doors
  • windows
  • seats
  • ceilings
  • air control
  • safety equipment
  • bogeys
  • electric motors
  • mechanical lifts, stations

Intelligence Engineering and Manufacturing:

  • computer networks
  • computers
  • robotics
  • sensors
  • communications (wireless & wired)
  • software

Power System Engineering and Manufacturing:

  • solar collection (sun, wind, tides)
  • pipelines
  • wiring
  • lighting
  • vehicle power pickups
  • batteries and ultra capacitors
  • chemical processing plants

Manufacturing Functions / Skills to be Localized

  • machining & casting
  • sheet metal fabrication
  • electric motor design and fabrication
  • electro-mechanical switching, locks and controls
  • sensor and switches
  • welding
  • composite design and fabrication
  • buckyballs industrialization
  • welding
  • plastic molding and other fabrications
  • statistical process controls and preemptive maintenance practices to achieve zero in-service failures
  • truss fabrication
  • footings design and fabrication
  • integration with existing infrastructure
  • survey and route design
  • painting
  • fiber glassing
  • glasswork
  • purchasing/component sourcing
  • upholstery
  • safety equipment
  • inspectors & testers
  • documentation
  • engineering: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and software
  • energy storage and distribution
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