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06/26/16 MotherBoard FEMA Contractor Predicts ‘Social Unrest’ Caused by 395% Food Price Spikes
08/04/16 Bloomberg The World Nears Peak Fossil Fuels for Electricity
07/28/16 Twin Cities Business MN Businesses Prepare To Batten Down The Hatches
05/14/16 Digital Trends The Hyperloop is real, and we watched the first test in the Nevada desert
05/5/16 Independent French railways invest in 700mph inter-city ‘hyperloop’ super-tube train which could make HS2 obsolete
05/03/16 Seeking Alpha Peak Fracking, 1.3 To 2 Times The 1973 Oil Embargo
05/02/16 Seeking Alpha Peak Fracking, Perpetually Higher Oil Prices
04/23/16 Joel Hirst’s Blog The Suicide of Venezuela
04/19/16 Seeking Alpha 7 Reasons Why SunEdison Was Doomed To Fail
04/13/16 FEE The 50-Year Disaster of Government Trains, Buses, and Streetcars
04/01/16 Bloomberg Saudi Arabia Plans $2 Trillion Megafund for Post-Oil Era: Deputy Crown Prince
03/26/16 MotherJones Self-driving Cars
03/26/16 Market Watch Scientists Develop a Better Battery, Thanks to Graphene
03/26/16 Market Watch Opinion: The Hyperloop is about to be built — but not in California
03/26/16 PR Newswire Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Reaches Agreement with Slovakia
01/30/16 Fortune Transportation Secretary Says Hyperloop Could Get Government Funding
12/27/15 Art Berman The Crude Oil Export Ban–What, Me Worry About Peak Oil?
12/21/15 FastCompany Millennials Don’t Care About Owning Cars, And Car Makers Can’t Figure Out Why
12/21/15 GizMag Hyperloop Competition
12/15/15 Bloomberg Oil Investors Are $240 Billion Poorer a Week After OPEC Call
12/09/15 CNN Hyperloop Technologies choose Nevada to test superfast transport system
11/04/15 CNN Hyperloop will transform labor markets
09/14/12 Bloomberg Saudi Arabia May Become Oil Importer by 2030, Citigroup Says
10/26/15 CNN Saudi Arabia to run out of cash in less than 5 years
10/26/15 CNN Sky taxis are about to become a reality
09/14/15 CrudeOilPeak Syria peak oil weakened government’s finances ahead of Arab Spring in 2011
09/30/15 Seeking Alpha $4 Gasoline by May 2016 (gas is currently $1.85 in NJ)
04/28/15 AAA Annual Cost to Own and Operate a Vehicle Falls to $8,698, Finds AAA
02/22/14 Fox News Fragility of the Electrical Grid.
09/11/13 Metrics: Disposable Energy Should Replace GDP.
07/10/13 Draft Overturning Filburn, Limiting the Commerce Clause to War Prevention.
04/24/13 Base the Dollar on Energy – Life Requires Energy.
04/24/13 Draft Draft framework for law suit for restoring free markets.
12/13/12 Net Energy, the Key to Energy Investing.
11/26/12 T. Boone Pickens TED Need to transition from oil.
11/26/12 Peak Oil How to Ensure Peak Oil Doesn’t Bring the End of Economic Growth.
11/17/12 HyperLoop PayPal’s founder’s concept for ET3, high speed PRT.
10/23/12 CleanTech Open 12 minute Investment Presentation
7/13/12 Allies Elon Musk Wants To Invent A Fifth Mode Of Transportation Called ‘Hyperloop’
7/13/12 GizMag JPods PRT vehicles to run on track under solar panel canopy
7/11/12 Google Mountain View, CA Mayor on need for transportation innovations
5/16/12 Garden Girls Presentation to the Fremont, CA City Council. Best urban plan, created by 6th graders
3/22/12 Allies – ET3 New York to Beijing in two hours without leaving the ground?
10/23/11 Council on Competitiveness 15 minute presentation at Duke University
9/13/11 TEDx Atlanta presentation 15 minute presentation at TEDx
04/15/11 TEDx Washington DC presentation 5 minute presentation at TEDx
04/05/11 Corps of Engineers Talking Points with Deputy Commanding General, US Army Corps of Engineers/td>
11/23/10 Gas Lines by Christmas? Investment Strategy Gasoline inventories are dropping rapidly, especially in the US East. Risks of gas lines are high. Within 18 months gas lines will become chronic. This outlines investment strategy in self-reliance.
11/15/10 Interview Pods that you summon whenever you need them on Smart Green Travel with Jerry Hart
11/15/10 Hull, MA/td> Will people be riding in the sky in Hull this fall?
12/18/09 Job Recovery Prevented by Peak Oil Oil price increases between 2002 and 2006 reduced working family disposable income by $2,000 per year. Economic recovery will be delayed until that disposable income is compensated for. Re-tooling transportation can increase disposable income by $5,000 per year.
05/08/09 Are we moving towards a new oil crisis? EU Energy Commissioner Piebalgs, states we may have passed Peak Oil and $200 a barrel oil is possible within 4 years.
12/15/08 South Bay considering pod travel By Teresa Garcia SAN JOSE, CA (KGO) — The future of big city mass transit may be a lot of tiny pods rather than giant trams – pods that you summon whenever you need them. Silicon Valley is considering building just such a system because it’s both convenient and green.
11/04/08 Housing Recovery’s Best Hope: PodCars How PodCar deployment will increase home owner disposable income by $2,000 per year.
09/20/08 Increase disposable income by $4,000 Increasing public transportation by 20% will increase the typical working family’s disposable income by $2,000 per year. PodCars, like JPods, can implement this increase with out subsidies. Victory Gardens will add another $2,000 and Feed-in Tariffs will create self-reliant economic lifeboats.
07/05/08 Gas Lines this Fall A review of inventory issues that have a high priority of causing gas lines this fall.
07/05/08 Performance Governing Performance Governing; Getting Luck and Staying Lucky. Changing government’s infrastructure roll from HOW it is built to setting standards of performance for WHAT is needed and allowing free markets to invent solutions. Government’s roll from management to leadership.
07/02/08 Investing in PRT Personal Rapid Transit: Preempting the Need for Oil in Urban Transport   email length url
06/10/08 Performance Standards De-monopolize transportation and power generation infrastructure to allow ingenuity. Set a standard to Beat 100 mpg.
04/02/08 Re-tooling Transportation Need to re-tool transportation to increase efficiency. Railroads can move a ton 423 miles on a gallon of fuel. Yet in urban transport we use a gallon of fuel to move a person only 18 miles.
10/01/07 Fire Oil Details of Risk with Oil as the monopoly mobility vendor
05/25/07 TimeOnLine RoboTaxi
5/25/07 Business 2.0 8 Years to Save the Earth
5/29/07 eMagazine Oil Crisis, Wrong Problem
5/29/07 eMagazine Changing Life Blood of our economy from oil to ingenuity
9/29/06 Fox 9 News Getting There, JPods
9/28/06 Fox Morning JPods, Transportation of the Future
9/28/06 IT-Corp ‘Beam me up Scotty’; not quite but closer
7/1/06 Four Corners Peak Oil
Movie Clips
  Fox News Story JPods news story in Minneapolis

Supporting Documents

Web based TV Documentary on Peak Oil Very important and balanced presentation. It has taken 37 years to build the Internet to the current level of access. Building a Physical Internet, re-tool transportation to be independent of oil will likely take longer. It is critical that we get started. By the most optimistic estimate Peak Oil will happen within 26 year.
2006 EU Study on PRT.pdf Very clear stated EU report on PRT
Patent_IT_Scan041102.pdf Scan of Patent 6,810,817
JPods_Com_061007e.pdf Group of JPods documents
ITCorp_060710_01_494sm.pdf Presentation to the 494 Corridor Commission
060530_Evacuation.pdf Evacuation concepts using congestion busting
LeanManufacturingTransit.pdf Just-in-time applies to the transporting process
gilbert_CA_GasPricePeakOil.pdf Canadian presentation on alternative energy sources
SenateLetterPRT1974.pdf Letter from the last oil crisis
morgantown_TRB_111504.pdf Morgantown background
economic_assessments.pdf Economics of PRT
060223_LtrAgreements_6.pdf Letters about implementing JPods
InnovPTS2_Swedish.pdf Study on alternative transportation
Ultra_clean_air_paper.pdf Air Quality
Ultra_trb05_airports.pdf Need at airports
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