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Catoosa, OK

Franchise Draft

Catoosa and Oklahoma can become the Silicon Valley of the Physical Internet® by adopting the Solar Mobility Act.

Traffic costs Americans $1.7 trillion/year and 35,000 death/year. Building JPods and Hyperloop networks can convert $1 trillion/year into jobs, customer savings, and profits.

The Physical Internet®, the digitizing of mobility networks is coming:

Turning $12.7 billion/year in Oklahoma traffic costs into Oklahoma jobs

Traffic costs the people of Oklahoma $12.7 billion/year. At least $7 billion per year of these costs can be recovered as customer savings, profits, and jobs building networks that combine the efficiency of freight rail with the on-demand service of the Internet. 

In 2017 about $28 billion was invested in mobility startups such as Uber and self-driving cars. These innovations apply digital technologies to improve mobility communication and digitize vehicles. In contrast JPods, Hyperloop, ET3, and others will digitize the mobility networks. This ditizing of mobility networks is likely become known as the Physical Internet®.




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