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When the history of solving Climate Change and traffic jams is written, my guess is:
  1. US Patent 6,810,817 will mark the invention of both:
  2. The Solar Mobility Act, pending as Massachusetts Senate Bill S.1993 (attached), will mark the shift in regulations that solved Climate Change:
    • 5X5 Standard shifts from government roll from approving to rejecting innovations based on:
      • Privately funded solar-powered networks 5 times more efficient than roads.
      • Pay 5% of gross revenues for non-exclusive use of Rights of Way.
    • Marks the end of a century where unconstitutional government transportation monopolies built paths to war by mandating the 25 mpg efficiency of the Model-T:
  3. JPods’ efforts in San Jose will underscore government barriers to solar-powered mobility:

In the published Q&A of the City of San Jose’s current RFI, I asked the City if they would use the metrics of CO2 and costs per passenger-mile in evaluating the proposals. The official response is “We do not have a metric for sustainability.”  What gets measured gets done.

If you are interested in covering metrics for sustainable infrastructure at some point, please let me know. 

I will think about attending your conference. But your current speakers have contributed to the problem for the past 15 years of my efforts and 47 years since Morgantown’s PRT opened (Walter Cronkite covering the opening).
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