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Cobb County, GA

Steps so JPods can invest $300 million in Cobb County and create jobs building the Physical Internet®:

  1. Solar Mobilty Act to establish a free market regulatory framework. This creates a regulatory framework for anyone to submit ideas.
  2. Once there is a know regulatory framework, private capital will submit specific network route for approval. 
  3. JPods will create a specific franchise request that will be capitalized and  implemented based on a Franchise Ordinance for JPods specifically to build a network in Medley.

Traffic costs the people of Georgia about $22.9 billion each year. Thousands of jobs will be created to convert these costs into value and customer savings:

  • $10.8 billion per year for foreign oil (link).
  • $  9.1 billion per year for accidents (link).
  • $  3.0 billion per year for congestion (link).

Yet, radically safer and more efficient transportation is very well understood:

  • Freight railroads average 476 ton-miles per gallon (link).
  • The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT or podcar) network in Morgantown has delivered 110 million oil-free, injury-free passenger-miles since being built as a solution to the 1973 Oil Embargo in 1975. In that same period of zero injuries, 1.7 million Americans died on the government highway monopoly. Highway accidents are not accidents. Who they happen to is random, that they happen is a design feature of the highway network.

In 1910 Thomas Edison noted it was practical to have all the electrical energy we need provided by sunshine:

“Sunshine is spread out thin and so is electricity. Perhaps they are the same, Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides are manifestations of energy….. Do we use them? Oh, no! We burn up wood and coal, as renters burn up the front fence for fuel. We live like squatters, not as if we owned the property…. There must surely come a time when heat and power will be stored in unlimited quantities in every community, all gathered by natural forces. Electricity ought to be as cheap as oxygen….”

Payback based on converting current costs per passenger-mile into value and customer savings.

The “general welfare” is forged as two aspects of liberty intertwine in the Darwinian process of Creative Destruction:

  1. Liberty is society’s tolerance of Disruptive MinoritiesDisruptive Minorities offer society choices. 
  2. Wisdom from the Many sort choices offered in free markets. The aggregated wisdom of all of us, with each of us acting in our own self-interest, is wiser than the wisest of us at choosing between choices. Wisdom from the Many is repeatedly illustrated in the book, Wisdom of Crowds

There is no minority as tiny and disrputive as innovators:

  • Consider Ford, Edison, Bell, the Wright Brother, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Their Creative Destruction creates and destorys millions of jobs. 
  • Consider Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jefferson, Madison, Washington. Their Creative Destruction displaced the Governing applying violence to stifle liberty.

Leadership by Cobb County will create thousands of jobs as the Physical Internet® is built. Moving a ton to move a person on highways is wasteful. Metrics for this are:

  • The 140,000 miles of freigh railroads in America average 476 ton-miles per gallon.
  • In the same period the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) network in Morgantown has delivered 110 million injury-free passenger-miles about 1.7 million American have died on highways. There are two great problems with the PRT network in Morgantown:
  • Pollution from burning oil is tilting the balance of nature into Climate Change.
  • American soldiers have been required to trade lives since 1991 to buy time for Americans to become energy self-reliant. 
  • Oil-dollars from buying foreign oil fund terrorism.

The Performance Standards Law (Secaucus Ordinance 2014-23 and Massachusetts Senate Bill #1837, link to hearing with Boston City Council) will allow the Physical Internet® to be built. Within 3 years thousands of job can be created by converting these costs into value. By adopting the Performance Standards Law, by restoring transportation infrastructure to free markets, the Physical Internet® will be built. The Performance Standards Law is a simple one page law that allows innovation based on:

  • Build with private capital.
  • Operate without government subsidies.
  • Exceed 120 passenger-miles per gallon.
  • Exceed safety of existing modes in a Rights of Way.
  • Pay 5% of gross revenus to the Rights of Way holders.
  • Regulate based on Theme Park Standards:
    • Communities designed for pedestrians, especially children.
    • Safety records thousands of times better than DOTs
    • Existing enforcement industry
    • Existing insurance industry
    • Existing common law.

JPods networks move people and cargo in cities within a solar budget (move videos and more news)


  • Exceed 5 times the gas mileage of cars.
  • Exceed the safety of highways.
  • Pay 5% of gross revenues to Rights of Way Holders.
  • Be regulated by the same standards as theme parks to leverage:
    • Focused on benefiting pedestrians, especially children.
    • Safety record 80,000 times better that DOTs.
    • Exising insurance industry.
    • Existing enforcement industry.


Cobb County Cumberland 161130 from Bill James on Vimeo.


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