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Who eats lunch and who is lunch illustrates the violent nature of life seeking energy. Minimizing violence mandates stable and secure sources of energy.

Oil’s long and complex supply chain with 3-8 years between investment and Return on Investment created a violent boom and bust behavior to economies.

JPods solar-powered transportation networks will greatly aid the oil industry by solar-powering urban transportation so oil can be reserved for higher margin industrial and agriculture uses:

  • Rates of depletion will drop, making existing oil fields more valuable.
  • Profits will rise as oil prices can increase without collapsing the economy. See graph below on how the boom and bust.
  • Oil service companies and pipeline companies have the tools and skill crews to build JPods network.

For those who believe the US cannot cut our oil use because we are a large country consider two data points:

  • Americans rarely drive across the country. As with most people in the world, we go to and from work, shopping, and schools.
  • This common human nature need is illustrated by per capita oil use in US, Sweden, and Denmark the early 1970’s. All used about the same 43 MWh of oil power per person per year. After the 1973 Oil Embargo US highway policies continued to tax and fund sprawl while Sweden and Denmark worked to make change urban logistics so cities could be walkable and bikable. Those countries have the same economic outcome as the US but their people oil pay for 1/3rd the oil use of Americans.
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