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Climate Change Root Cause

NASA: “Road Transportation Emerges as Key Driver of Warming”

The Constitution documents States, not the Federal government, are sovereign over “internal improvements” and “We the People” are sovereign over the “general welfare”:

Two aspects of Liberty intertwine in a Darwinian crucible of creative destruction to create the “general welfare”:

  • Tolerance of Disruptive Minorities offering choices.
    • There are few Disruptive Minorities as tiny and disruptive as inventors. An “obnoxious individual” creates a better choice that eclipses entire industries.
  • Tolerance of people sorting choices via free markets and free speech, the Wisdom of the Many.
    • Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” is not invisible, just tiny. It is the vast accumulation of tiny acts of liberty by each of us as we choose between choices.
    • The aggregated wisdom of all of us, with each of us acting in our own self-interest, is wiser than the wisest of us at choosing between choices.

Prior to the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1916 violating the Constitution’s Preamble, post Roads, and No Preference clauses (summarized by Federalist #45), every US city over 10,000 people had a free market funded streetcar network. The purpose of this book is to restore free markets using the #5x5Standard. Free markets will allow urban transport networks to approach the 470 ton-mpg efficiency of freight railroads and remove enough car traffic to make streets safe to walk and bike.

Amazon Link: Climate Change Root Cause, Unconstitutional Federal Highways making unwalkable cities

Click on the cover image to access a free copy online. Link to pdf.

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