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Management Team and Board of Directors

Bill James: Founder, CEO, Director. BS-West Point. Logistics implementation in the Army, manufacturing experience at Honeywell, and computational background creating statistical process control and process management software has prepared James to lead the realization of solar powered mobility. He also holds the patent to JPods’ framework technology.

Frank Pao: Director. Principal Owner of Atlantis Energy, a solar manufacturing facility in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Chuck Bratton: Chief Intelligent Systems. BS-University of Maryland. Experienced in multi-million dollar, multi-national software developments in publishing, manufacturing, and human interfaces.

Bill Saylor: Chief of Distributed Power. BS–West Point, MS-MIT. Member of the IEEE P1547 standards committee for distributed grid interconnection standards. Designed/installed distributed power projects using natural and fossil sources.

Mike Teske: Director and Design Team. Past President, Vekoma Rides USA (the world’s largest in-house designer and manufacturer of amusement rides). Past Technical Director for opening 5 major theme parks, 110 major attractions.

Mike Cassano: Chief Software Development Officer. BS, MS University of Minnesota. Developed at Red Hat, BitCoin.

Steven Day: Chief of China Deployment and Pacific Rim. Securing contracts and financing in China.

Chang Woong Kim: Chief of Korea Deployment. Securing contracts and financing in Korea.

Charlotte Vandervalk: Co-founder of the New Jersey Master Mobility Company. Retired Assemblywoman.

Michael Kates: Co-founder of the NJ MMC. Partner at Hackensack law firm and adjunct professor at Rutgers.

Nathan Melicharek: Co-founder of Rescue-Rail Mobility Company, President of Rescue-Rail. BS-UC Berkeley, MS-ODU.

Madgie Murray: Co-founder of the Haiti Mobility Company and efforts to build networks in Atlanta.

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